Thursday, September 17, 2015

Who are they polling?

I watched a great reality TV comedy show last night. They called it the GOP Presidential Debate. It seemed to be a take off on a more popular and long airing show called Saturday Night Live.

Seriously, the polls say Donald Trump and Carly Fiorino are leading. WHO are they polling? What morons could honestly in their right mind see either one of those imbeciles as president of this very fucked up country??!

I will say, it was a good laugh. The moderator had about as much control of the debate as school teachers have of their classrooms these days. CNN basically gave Donald Trump a platform to perform more of his antics and kept the camera on him most of the time, and I have to believe they did it for ratings, it sure makes good comedy TV, watching that idiot, all red faced and smirky, but it also made you want to throw up a little.

I'm amazed that someone like Donald Trump could even be considered as a leader of one of the "most powerful countries in the world". He is a bully, he is rude, he is narcissistic.  He is a fool in love with himself and no one else. He is not presidential. What is wrong with everyone!?!?!??!

I sat watching this debate, pretending I had to choose one of these candidates to be president, God help us all. I have to say, Marco Rubio impressed me with his professionalism and he seems like a very intelligent man. I don't know that much about his past record, but he sure looked a damn sight better than any of the other choices. Poor old Jeb Bush, finally admitted to his mom he smoked pot, and now I have more respect for him at least. Rand Paul seems like a decent enough fellow, but CNN seemed intent on not letting him prove to anyone he had a brain. Someone needed to encourage sleepy eyed Ben Carson to wake up and come to the party, he is indeed a very intelligent man, but WAKE UP dude! I have to say, I liked Chris Christie, he added a lot of humor to the show, he ain't president material, but he is fun to listen to.  Carly Fiorino also made me want to throw up a little, managing to parallel Iran and Planned Parenthood? Well that was just about the most ridiculous part of the show for me.
The rest of them just came off as slick ass politicians or baptist preachers, which sometimes can be interchangeable. Poor old Ted Huckabee, he seems nice.

Isn't there some way we could educate our young people enough to get someone in office that could actually find their way to work and straighten things out up there in that big white house on the hill?!?


Dennis Allen said...

So far it is a race where 20 or 30% gives someone a lot of attention. Trump has 30% of the Republicans, about the size of the Tea Party. The non Trumps are still 70% collectively.

Tracey Broome said...

.lets hope the smart people explain this to Trump!

littlemancat said...

I just can't bear to watch any of it and don't even watch the news, local or national, anymore. I do read the paper most of the time, but stay away from opinion/editorial columns. Still hoping there will be some decent candidate to emerge. You are so right about it all being like a bad reality program - it is.
Wanted to tell you how beautiful your east coast/west coast post was. It will all work out. I know how hard it is now, but it does get better. Your dear daughter is on her adventure as we all once were and continue to be. Thinking of you.

Joan Tucker said...

simple Bernie Sanders

Vicki said...

From way over here, it seems insane that someone like DT could even be considered. Money can buy anything perhaps? I don't know.
We are having insane political goings on of our own over here, and I think people in other countries can't possibly take our government seriously.

Sometimes, I think there are faceless men behind these scenes that are pulling very powerful strings - to the benefit of who/what is undetermined to us.
Conspiratorial much? :)

M E Garde said...

Chris Christie ain't presidential but you liked him? Because?? I'm a Jersey girl, Tracey, I worked in NJ state government for 13 years, I've followed this sh**head since his career began, he is a liar and a bully, I am not the least amused by him, he is everything you dislike in Trump and worse. Not funny at all. Rant over.

Tracey Broome said...

Hey Maureen, calm down haha! I hear ya, and I agree he is all you said. I guess what I meant is that of all the candidates in that particular moment, if I had to choose, he would have been a better choice than most, that night. He was actually sort of funny and sort of watered down compared to Don and Carly. They are all basically scum and I felt like I needed a shower after the show!
Vicki:there are definitely faceless men running our government with very deep pockets full of money! Not conspiracy at all.
YES Joan, Bernie!
Hi Mary, thanks! re: TV, we turned it off about a year ago and never looked back.I watched the local news when I was at my moms and it was the weirdest thing to watch... the newspapers around here are just rags, nothing of any interest and they get smaller and smaller. It just makes Gerry sick to see where his industry has gone.

M E Garde said...

Hey Tracey, Christie is a hot button with me as you can see. :-)

Tracey Broome said...

No doubt :) I used to cringe every time I saw him on TV, what a pompous ass. But compared to the others at the debate, he was tolerable and I can't even believe I thought that!

Michèle Hastings said...

I streamed a little bit of the debate but got tired of it quite quickly. If DT should ever be elected president the US will be an embarrassment to the rest of the world. I like to compare him to Tony Soprano as president... only less likable!
I am shocked at how many people I know who think he is a good choice. People who I thought were intelligent. This will be an interesting election (and maybe a little scary).

Tracey Broome said...

I think the U.S. is already an embarrassment Michele..... what a mess.

Lori Buff said...

Remember “No child left behind?” I think it was a plot by the Bush administration to make sure kids grew up to be adults that could not make good, intelligent divisions therefore they would be more likely to vote Republican, but that’s just my thoughts on the matter.

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