Tuesday, April 26, 2016

23rd year

Yesterday was my beautiful daughter's 23rd birthday. The first one we have not celebrated together. I'm sure the first of many to come. Ironically I was in Greensboro working at one of our stores which just happens to be a few miles away from the hospital where Wesley was born.

I was very busy yesterday and had little time to be melancholy or sad. This morning there were some pictures in my email from Hannah McAndrew and her new baby girl, Pippin, and they reminded me so much of the little girl I once held so close to me. I miss this girl so much. I miss her laughter, her love for simple things, her compassion, her wisdom, her gentleness.

The pain and tears are mostly gone, but in their place a knowledge that she will not be coming back to live with us, she is moving on with her own life and we play a tiny role in that life now. She is excited to be living in a new house and having a big adventure in California. And for the most part, we are excited for her. Just wish she could be a little closer.....

Time is fleeting, memories are very precious things...... Happy Birthday my beautiful child....
may you have many many more!


Anonymous said...

It's very confusing to feel excited for them, while at the same time wanting to scream, "This is a very Bad plan!" to the Universe. We're about to celebrate Blue's 18th, not knowing if we'll ever have another birthday with him, as he'll be across the country in college for the next bunch of years, and then, who knows? Love & understanding to you.

Tracey Broome said...

Oh Hazel, I feel for you, find yourself something to stay VERY busy with! Its the only thing that will get you through it :)
Just be too tired to think, haha!