Sunday, June 19, 2016

Home, at last

 We are slowly settling in to our new house. This past six months have been something of a blur for me. This was a hard won house, but worth every sleepless night, every tear, every angry outburst. Its our home. This is the first house I have lived in that has felt like me. Other houses we have lived in have been nice enough, but they never fit me. This one fits like an old pair of favorite jeans. Gerry and I have been a united force, battling everything that got thrown at us, and basically just holding each other up through it all. Amazingly, we never had one argument. We just fought the good fight for what we wanted.

This is my view as I pull out of the driveway. Our neighbor across the street, with their geese and their horses and a beautiful little pond.

 I found this Roy Rogers print in an antique store the other day. He was my hero growing up. I got up every Saturday morning and rode my broomstick horse into the den to watch his show, while my mom slept and my dad was who know where....  I didn't realize how connected I felt to western things until I started to unpack all my books. So many books about the west, Native Americans, ghost towns, decorating books by Mary Emmerling. I love the west, the way it used to be in the old spaghetti westerns.

 Gerry found this old wash stand in the woods, the previous owner left all this tack hanging in the barn.  I love finding treasure!

This is my new friend, my neighbor.  I can't remember her name, but she greets me every evening when I walk down the drive to get the mail.

I brought out some old friends. My barns are fitting in nicely here.

The other day, after a long day of unpacking and moving things around, I sat down in this chair in this beautiful sunlight and actually read a chapter in a book. When was the last time I did something so restful? It felt amazing, just sitting there and reading. This is the house we will retire in. One day, my days will be filled with sitting and reading. What a day that will be!

Gerry's drums have been packed away for years. We made a music room out of one of the upstairs bedrooms. Wesley's keyboard, guitars, amps, and many drums. Finally room for all of our toys!

I have my loom set up, slowly hauling crates and crates of books upstairs. Yesterday I worked on unpacking art supplies. More old friends....

The kitchen is an absolute joy to cook in. The gas stove cooks better than any I have ever had, the space is small but efficient, and I love cooking in it. We are working in the yard and house every hour that we have beyond our other work, and we stop around 8pm to grab a quick dinner, watch a little Netflix and then collapse in bed. A good kind of tired, finally.

Yesterday I washed all of our sheets and hung them on the line to dry. Is there anything better than crawling into bed at night with the smell of line dried sheets? I looked out from the back porch at the scene. Sheets blowing gently with the breeze, Gerry planting sweet peppers and blueberry bushes that I got him for Father's Day, the chickens following our new rooster around, the cat lounging on the steps, the faint sound of a horse whinny in the distance, and all was right with my world. At last.

We have a start on a garden. Gerry has worked to do some repairs on the raised beds. We got some tomato and pepper starts in the ground and planted some basil and some flowers. Nothing too ambitious, it is mid June, after all. Wait.... where did summer go so fast!?

The chickens love their new coop, perks of working for a company that sell buildings. I got a sweet deal on this one.

I need some rockers for the front porch, for days when there are no more boxes to unpack.
I realized last night as I sat out in the yard, that I am happy. I haven't been happy in a very long time. The sadness of Wesley's move to California, the stress of selling our house, trying to buy three other houses that we lost, finally finding this house, then almost losing it. Having a new, very difficult job. Its taken its toll. I suffered health problems from it all and I'm sure there was some depression there. But there was no time to wallow in it, just get up, and soldier on. This was the reward for all of it. The bright light at the end of the dark tunnel I wandered in for almost a year. This is a new beginning. This is good


Laurie said...

I'm so happy to see this beautiful, peaceful home you are creating. It looks like it has great bones, and you are adding your good energy to it. Just looking at the photos, I can feel it is a good place to be. Thanks for sharing it here.

littlemancat said...

This does look like what home should be. So very happy for you both. And a horse neighbor - wonderful!


Philadelphia Gardener said...

Congratulations - you're home!

cookingwithgas said...

Sweet rewards.

Tracey Broome said...

Indeed, all. It is a peaceful place with really good energy and exactly what a home should be.
And it is absolutely a sweet reward!!

Michèle Hastings said...

This definitely looks like YOUR home. Enjoy.

smartcat said...

Your new house looks like it has welcomed you in! Now you have a cool, serene place to return to from your hectic travels!
With a horse for a neighbor! Love that chicken house!

Melissa Rohrer said...

A beautiful place.

Vicki said...

These images, your words... all so good.

Your new home is beautiful, Tracey.
Looking forward to future glimpses into your wonderful new world.
So happy for you xx

Cindy Gilliland - DirtKicker Pottery said...

It's lovely! How wonderful that you're finally home :-)

Trish said...

HOME. :).. happy to see, happy to hear your news.. Sending best wishes for it all from Alberta! cheers, Trish

Laura Farrow said...

BOOM!! 👊💥😍

Anna M. Branner said...

This place was just waiting for you! And is that a screen porch I spy? Heaven.

Tracey Broome said...

HAPPY HAPPY, BUSY BUYS!!!! Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments!!

Julia Stewart said...

The inside of the house looks like you are living in a large log cabin. I love the exposed natural wood, it really gives your home character. Each room looks better than the next and you have so many design options now that you will never get bored decorating your home. The rooms really have that cozy feel to them.