Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Handmade is the Best

This year, Mother's Day seemed extra special. We were sheltering in place (or whatever you call what we are doing), the malls and restaurants were closed, there was not much shopping to be done or decisions to be made on what restaurant to go to. We never really go out to eat for Mother's Day anyway, because we have lived in the Chapel Hill area for a long time and UNC has graduation on that day, there is no way you can find a place to eat. We started a tradition years ago of a home cooked meal and enjoying just being lazy at home. It was no different this year.

No flowers from a florist, our yard was bursting with blooms, Gerry walked around in the early morning and put this rose, peony and snapdragon arrangement together, it was beautiful. Wesley made a card for me from one of my favorite photos of us.

One of the best gifts though, was a bookmaking "workshop".  I have intended to make books for years and just never found the time for one more craft thing. Wes gathered up all the papers, ephemera and supplies we have both hoarded for years and bundled it all together at the kitchen table. We sat there all afternoon making books, having tea, talking, laughing. Could you ever imagine a more perfect gift!?

We used pages from one of my friend Shannon Bueker's old calendars, postcards we have collected, ticket stubs, saved poems,  yarn spun by a friend, talisman charms, handmade paper, and so many other things. I can't remember when I have had more fun!

 Wesley and I used to take turns walking the dog in the mornings and we would compose a Haiku while we walked and give them to each other. This is a poem I wrote one cold fall day. Once she and Gerry were walking in the woods and came across what they believed to be an Indian burial spot. Hard to know for sure, but it really looks like one. I was walking the dog by that spot and the dog acted so weird, I wondered if we were indeed among the dead......

This is a part of the alter space I created after reading Creating Sanctuary. The book I made fits in perfectly. I'm enjoying this small space and Wesley adds things to it from her walks, a broken turtle shell, a beautiful piece of lichen, feathers, rocks. I have an old rosary there, incense in a small pot I glued broken pottery tiles on. Just little things to represent earth, fire, water and wind. Its a peaceful space I pass by often throughout the day and it gives me a moment to pause and be grateful. I am so grateful for this time we have had as a family to pause, to create handmade gifts for each other and for ourselves. Handmade is always Best!  How has your time in quarantine been? I hope you find some time for peaceful reflection and rest!!


cookingwithgas said...

Some days are better than others. I am ready, but willing to wait, to see people that make me happy...

Tracey Broome said...

I'm sitting here having a pity party right now, I am so disgusted with this country, these stupid people in NC, stupid president. I'm brewing up a rant, can you tell!? lol!

Michèle Hastings said...

Looks like we are on the same page these days... no pun intended, lol. I have been making little journals and books using a simple binding technique. Next I will learn more complicated stitching. If I can find the time!
Your books turned out beautifully.

Paul Jessop said...

Hi Great to be back in the land of the blog, far more interesting than Facebook!
we have stupid politicians on this side of the pond as well!
Love the idea of making books they look fab.
Stay safe and stay away from Fuckwits
(auto correct tried to change that to Kiwifruits)!!!