Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Reward for hard work

I have spent a good part of this week walking around and driving around in the hot parking lots of car dealerships and let me tell you there is nothing I hate worse than to see a car salesman coming out the door before we even get out of the car. It gets to be a game to see if you can get your car in the lot and get out before someone sees you. We literally had one salesman walking along beside our car yelling at us as we drove through one dealership in Raleigh. However, we finally met Mr. Kenneth Murphy at the Bob Dunn Subaru dealership in Greensboro and he is one of the rare salesmen that knows what he is talking about and knows how to respectfully give his customers the space they need to make a decision. If you want to buy a new car, go see this man! So, Gerry got a new Subaru Forester today. Sweeeeet car, and Wes gets his old Surbaru that will be paid for at the end of the month. Sadly the AC died on it and that spurred the car shopping, since Gerry pretty much works out of his car a good bit of the time, but what does a teenager care about air conditioning when they get their first car? don't you just love the shiny newness of a car right off the lot?! Congrats Ger :)


cookingwithgas said...

nice ride!
I hate buying cars!
I will say the Toyota dealer in Asheboro was great to us- but that has been awhile.
I hope he shares with you!
BTW- these contacts might change my life- I am working on getting them in my eyes!- your mom put them in for your dad- what love!

Hollis Engley said...

Nothing like a nice, shiny new car. We've had good luck with our Subarus over the years. Dee's driving an Impreza now.

Amy said...

about your question on my blog. I used mason stain and put it on the clay as the clay was drying... it works better on clays without much grog. I used phoenix clay and it works best too if brushed into areas that are deeply etched on a piece. Some of the stain ran off when I wiped it away...b/c of the grog and clay body and shallow etching. Works well with porcelain, I'm told. Slip also works well too... it's a bit tricky because the clay needs to be the right consistency-- leather dry stage during etching and then painting the mason stain or slip into the lettering, and yet it is so worth it. Oh, also time consuming too. hope this helps!

Linda Starr said...

Gary still misses his outback we sold before we left California, nice choice.

Laura said...