Saturday, May 1, 2010

Time management

I fired a very slow ^6 yesterday and unloaded this morning at 7am for the Haw River Festival today (that I need to leave for around 11:30, and here I sit blogging!). Nothing like unloading a kiln and packing warm pots for a sale, right? I opened up the burner ports and climbed at 200 degrees per hour and I have very few pin holes, those I think are more a clay body issue than glaze fire, so I am nearly there on solving the pin holes, and the ones I got I like, so there! This was a very nice bunch of pots as far as ^6 goes. I like the glazes I bought and it's a simple fool proof way to get my functional fix and gives me more time to do more experimenting with oxides and terra sig, which I like better. In a perfect world I would be making ^10 shino, but whine whine, I don't have that option right now, so this is a good alternative. I love love love the cup, not selling this one, but I must make more. This was a test with some stains and oxides and I sanded it, fired it three times. A lot of work for such a little pot but worth it in the end.
Nice little berry baskets for the Farmer's Market.
and some nice squared off bowls. I was going to put handles on these but they didn't look quite right. Nice without I think. So the car is packed, food packed, got to get a shower, and Wes and I are off for a day of music, food and hopefully selling pots!!


Judy Shreve said...

WOW -- that elephant cup is stunning! You are right to keep it. Love the berry basket & square bowl too. Have fun today!

Tracey Broome said...

Judy, that cup came from the Debra Fritts workshop I did at Arrowmont. We were working on building large coil heads and it got really tiring so I started making pinch pots and she made some suggestions, and voila! The first one I made sat around forever and finally Wes said, why don't you make more of those they are really nice. Wisdom of a child! Two years later I am getting around to making more.

Patricia Griffin said...

I really like the elephant cup too. Very nice! Hope the day is a blast!

cindy shake said...

It all looks GREAT! Now go get 'em GIRL!

Linda Starr said...

Oh darn I was going to see if I could purchase the elephant cup, I love it; turquoise is one of my favorite colors and the exterior color is so perfect. Have a super sale.

Nu Kua said...

Have to agree, that elephant cup is great!
It's never to late for making good things he? :-)
Wes definitely has an eye for good cups..


Judy Shreve said...

Don't you just love Debra -- she is such a great teacher. Maybe one day you can come here for one of her workshops -- we could take it together.