Monday, April 30, 2012

Life interrupting

I can't seem to get anything done in my studio. I have a show in about four weeks at Lark and Key and I have four pieces made! I set aside last week to make work every day, no distractions, but Wesley came home unexpectedly and so I spent time with her, of course! Then I set aside time this weekend, I was going to go in my studio and not come out until I had some houses made. Wesley came home again, this time with a friend. No work done!

 Then today Gerry and I went for an eye exam that turned out to take most of the day. No work done. But Gerry got some hot new glasses.
Then there are eggs to watch. There are two nests on my front porch. The eggs in the hanging basket have hatched into these sweet little things, and there are five eggs in my grandmother's Christmas cactus that haven't hatched yet.

and my empty nest fills back up tomorrow. We are going to Winston Salem to pick up my girl child from school and bringing her home for the summer..... more distractions!
But the clay must wait when I have all these peeps to deal with! However, this one and the one with the new glasses are going to HAVE to leave me alone next week or the Lark and Key show is going to be missing an artist. I have had so many obligations to fill for work, I just stay behind constantly. Maybe I can get something done Wednesday........

Friday, April 27, 2012

Afternoon light

 I love the light around here in the afternoon....
This was my grandmother's birdhouse, then it was at my mom's for a long time, and now I have it. It probably came from Seagrove at least 50 years ago.

 There's my man walking off work stress at the end of the day on his slack line. His own little zen practice....

 There is my child's haul from the thrift store and her birthday......
and little baby apples from the farm..... sniff......sigh.......

and there is the end of my week. Lots done at the end of it, to make up for the slack days earlier in the week. I got quite a bit thrown on the wheel today, even though I was rusty, it came right back. I made some tumblers and some bowls and a vase. Very tired at the end of the day today, cleaned all of my tools and my studio and closed up shop for the weekend. Have a good one everyone!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

She cried....

 So yesterday was a perfect day. We celebrated my child's birth. I had started the week bracing myself with the knowledge that she would not be home from college for her birthday and I talked myself into believing that was fine. But then she called me Monday morning and said she had to come home, that she couldn't be at school for her birthday and like any good mom, I told her it was fine to miss classes and to get in her car and come on! So, she missed the screening of the first film she has written and created on Tuesday night and she missed the last of her academic classes, but my week was brighter and my life made richer because we shared the start of her 19th year. I was with this child when she took her very first breath in this world and I am a better person because I have had her in my life. So what if she missed a few days of school. She got to walk through the fields of this land we want, as the wind blew fiercely across the grass, she got to eat good food that wasn't murdered by chemicals and overcooking, she got to rest in her bed with her down comforter, she got to hear the rain fall on our roof, she got lots of hugs from her mom and dad, beautiful gifts of art from wonderful talented women,
she found new Steinbeck and Faulkner books at the thrift store and she left to go back and finish up her first year of college, rested and peaceful.

 We had a great breakfast with whole grain pancakes and tea and then we gave her these wonderful pieces of art from my friends.
She got a bit teary and I got a bit teary and I was so happy to have a child that appreciated gifts like this instead of the latest greatest electronic gadget.
As parents, Gerry and I have tried to give Wesley an appreciation for great music, great books, great art, nature, long walks, and photographs. We have taught her the importance of well crafted work, integrity, honesty and the value of true work and being true to who you are. I think we have done well as parents. From the time she was a tiny little girl, we respected who she was as a person, we gave her a voice, and valued her opinion. We brought her into the world in a quiet and gentle way. When I was pregnant, I would turn off all the lights and put in this CD Mickey Hart made of a child's heartbeat inside it's mom accompanied by instruments that he played. It was called, Music to be Born By. I played that CD for Wes recently and it brought me right back to the time when she was inside me.  After she was born, we played CDs of nature sounds in her room as she slept and I kept her room very dim and gentle. I believe these early influences truly affected the way she gently moves on this Earth now and it makes me sad that we don't insist that children be brought into this world that way. It should be every child's birthright to come into this world quietly and gently and have a peaceful world, but sadly, for so many it's not that way......
The Farm.......
I took Wesley out to see the farm we have fallen in love with. The wind was fierce while we were there and I felt as if I was standing in an Andrew Wyeth painting. I just needed to lay down in that grass on my side and it would have been Christina's World :)
We love this piece of land, the apple orchard, the peach trees, the lilacs, the grapevines, the pond, the duck. Unfortunately, the owner put up the ugliest plastic house on this land, with cheap building materials and a strange floor plan and then they smoked cigarettes inside so the house stinks of stale cigarettes. If you stand and look outside the windows and hold your nose, you can love this place, but what to do? I feel shallow being such a snob about this house when there are people that are losing their homes every day. But I am a Libra, and we wither and die if our environment is unpleasant, that's just the way it is. Having been an interior designer for twenty some years also does not help my snob factor when it comes to houses. It's not that I want a mcmansion. Quite the opposite, I would love a 100 year old farm house, back when they built things right and plastic houses did not exist. I want a fireplace, not a metal box with gas logs in it, I want wood floors, not vinyl wood look, I want cabinets that are not so shallow that my dishes won't even fit in them. I want windows that are wood frames, not metal.
What has happened to us as a nation? We have put up shoddy construction all over this land, we educate our children poorly, we elect idiots to run our government, we poison our food supply with GMO seeds and growth hormones and chemicals, we inject the land with toxins to blow out the gas beneath, we take a pill for any ailment because the TV tells us to, we feed our kids junk, and we have all but lost true journalism, our newspapers are becoming a thing of the past and no one is reporting honest and true stories anymore. No wonder we are looking at this land. We want to move out there and shut the door and make it all go away! But I can't find a way to live in this ugly space. Do I just suck it up and do what I can to make it look better, or do we pass and look for something else? We want a piece of land that will sustain us because we can no longer count on our food supply to be safe. I spend so much time in the grocery store now reading labels, I am so glad the farmer's markets are back in action so I don't have to go there, but there are times we have to get things at the grocery.
It's all so sad and there are so many that are not educated and don't even know or care what is happening to their bodies as this country poisons everyone. What about them!?!?!
Whew.... that feels better, just had to get that out! Looking at this property and the possibilities has me all stirred up!!!
Hope all of you have a great rest of the week. I have done nothing but enjoy my family, but that is a gift and I am blessed that I can do that. I really got to get some work made though......
peace ya'll

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My buddha, my pilgrim, my child

 There hasn't been a lot of work this week in the studio. Wesley called me Monday morning and said she wanted to come home from school for a few days. April 25th is her birthday and she wanted to be here. So we have spent the past couple of days together, eating good food, buying books, watching movies, taking long rides in the country. You know, the things that make life worth living! It's so good to have her home unexpectedly and my work schedule has come to a screeching halt!

For the past few years, we have been giving Wesley art for her birthday. It all started at Shakori when we bought her a painting from Jeff Martin. This year, as I was trying to figure out what to get her, two of the blogs I read, Not Now Kato (Shannon Beuker) and BurntNormal Pottery (Yolande Clark) posted photos of items that reminded me so much of Wesley, I knew they were perfect items for her birthday gifts.

Yolande's figure is quiet and still, it looks so much like Wesley does when she is sitting and writing
or meditating or doing that staring into space thing she does. Thank you, Yolande for speeding it to me from Canada. Another bonus, since Wes was conceived in Canada!

 When Shannon posted this pilgrim watercolor on her blog, it again reminded me of Wesley. She is on her own pilgrimage right now in so many ways, and this figure just spoke to me when I saw it. Shannon is one of my all time favorite artists and I have one of her small paintings that I love, but this one is very special in many ways. Wesley got to spend some time with Shannon on our recent beach trip, which was so great, Shannon is a very wise woman with much to share!

For the past few years, we have celebrated her birthday at Shakori Hills Grass Roots Music Festival. One year on Sunday morning, she came walking across the field after spending the night camping with her friends. It was such a magical morning, we sat and drank a cup of chai together and listened to a Native American man talk about Mother Earth and as we shared this time, thinking about the day she was born, I was so grateful that I had this child that wanted to spend this morning with me on her birthday, instead of with her friends and I am still very blessed that I have a child that likes to spend time with her parents! I just can't believe she is 19 today! Every year has been different and amazing and I learn something with her every day.
Happy Birthday, my sweet girl!!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The barns for Gena's family, cont'd....

I received an email from Gena regarding the barns I made for her family last month. It went something like this:

"Some of the barns got new homes last weekend. (sniff) Packing them up was so hard. My husband told me I should just keep them all, HA! The photo is my youngest brother Kevin who cried when he opened his. My older brother wants to keep them as a set and not take his home so they are on the mantle at my parents. My dad thinks I should keep all of them. (I should be so selfish) (-:
Everyone is throwing around new ideas. I do like the barn you have on your blog with the finial on top. We have some gate pieces somewhere...
I will go to Illinois to deliver the barn to granny and aunt and uncles in June. I will try to be more diligent with pictures.
Thank you again for your artistic expertise."

She included a photo of her brother opening his. I wish every barn I made came with a photo like this. I love making them when they are this personal. If I could, I would only take commissions for pieces that included personal items. I am very blessed to meet people like this and be able to make something for them that brings such joy to them and to me. The items I have been finding lately are inspiring new ideas and I wonder where these things came from, who used them, what doors did they open, what locks did they unlock, who used these things? They all have a story, but what is that story? How perfect that I will be in a show called Storytellers. Maybe I will just have to make up my own tales for them!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Seek the Treasure

 Wesley's birthday present arrived today from Yolande Clark!!!!
I can't show you the whole thing yet, because Wes is reading my blog, but here is a little tease until I give it to her :)

Yolande is in Canada and Wesley was a little souvenir we brought back from a climbing trip in Alberta 19 years ago, so it seemed fitting to get this for her.
It is beyond amazing and I just love it. This will be the first year since Wesley was born that we won't be together on her birthday, so me and this little treasure might just spend the day together crying.....
Wes, you are going to love this, and yes there are other things so you will have some surprise! xo
 I went searching for treasure and birthday gifts today and found a lady that had a stall full of rusty architectural treasures and a guy that had tables full of little tiny things. I brought home keys, drawer pulls, another glass door knob and all sorts of rusty things. These drawer pulls are going to be so great on my pieces!!!!!!! The architectural lady's prices were a bit more than I usually want to pay, but, hey, she was out there trying to make a living selling her wares just like I am, so I figured what the hell, I should support a fellow self employed female! I asked her how I could get in touch with her if I wanted to get more things from her. She gave me her name, Deb and a phone number. Ha, no etsy, no store, no website, I just got a phone number.... and I will probably be calling her!

In other treasure seeking news, Gerry and I have started looking for some property. And here we found our dream land..... pond, apple, peach, fig, pear, and nut trees, huge garden space, a resident duck and a next door neighbor that has sheep and goats that she raises and sells the wool!!!!! Could this be more perfect? Well, yes it could. The house is ugly. But should I let this stop me from wanting to live here? Maybe I could just stay outside all the time, which is what would happen because judging from the amount of fruit trees I might become an apple picker instead of a potter! And after all, I used to decorate showrooms for manufacturers of some of the ugliest furniture on the planet and made it look like a million bucks. I can make something from nothing, but why, just this once, couldn't we find a house I  like instead of a house I have to re do. Anyway, stay tuned.... we might be moving... who knows!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Collector's Gallery

I dropped some work off at The Collector's Gallery in Raleigh today. The gallery is downtown on Fayetteville Street in a really cool part of Raleigh. Great location, beautiful gallery and the nicest people ever! I met them at the CDCG show back in November and it has taken me until now to get work together for them. But they patiently waited and I hope to continue to bring pieces to them as I have them available. Thanks so much for asking me to be in your gallery. I am very excited!

Some of you in NC may know my blogger friend Susan Meyers.  She is a huge supporter of NC potters and we have become friends by way of Meredith Heywood's blog. Of course! Friends through the blog, where else do I meet people :) Anyway, she left a package for me at the gallery today filled with treasure. More glass door knobs from another Susan! What are the odds. Now I can name two more pieces "Susan" haha!! And another coincidence, the card she included was from Alaska and the picture frames she gave me work perfectly with the old photos Cindy Shake sent me from.... Alaska!!  There were also two very charming candle holders. I can't wait to make use of all of these wonderful things. Susan, thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!! xo
You know.... if you guys are cleaning out your attics or drawers or closets or whatever, remember my little barns......  I'll name one after you  :)
I worked on a piece today that I am really, really excited about, but you will have to wait, I'm not ready to talk about it yet. I have to see if it will look as good as I think it will after chewing on it for a day or two, it's going more in the direction I see these things for the future....
I also worked on a piece for a fellow blogger that was interested in Meredith's cello player. I'll finish that up hopefully tomorrow and get some pics up by the weekend. Lots going on, lots of inspiration!!!
Lots of great bloggers out there!
peace ya'll

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just workin'

I love the afternoon light on my kitchen table...........
I like to bring these in and live with them a few days before I ship them out, they're gone now... bye bye
I worked on "Susan" today
and I got a couple of other pieces made. I used one of my house templates to make a tall bottle, thinking this might be a good item for the ^6 redux. It has possibilities, but I went back out and cut the neck down a bit after looking at this photo. I'm not really into making a bunch of these bottles, very time consuming, but it's sort of cool. I just never get tired of making these houses, but man, they take a lot of time.....
I'm thinking that maybe some photo transfers might be nice on the one with the finial, whatcha think?....
I just want to keep it simple, like maybe the finial should be the focal point, hmmmmmm.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Galleries New Work

 I sent some work off today to The Bascom in Highlands, NC and I have some work finished to deliver to the Collector's Gallery in Raleigh NC. It seem like it has taken me forever to get work finished for these two galleries.  I have been promising them work since January! I'm digging the ladder
 Here is another take on the vase/barn for the vase show in July. I have some glass test tubes that I knew I might need one day and they work perfectly to make this barn a little bud vase.
                               New window detail

And the finials that Cindy Shake sent me have rusted nicely and look perfect on the small barns. This one is going to Raleigh on Thursday if you want it! Sorry for the out of focus photos, my camera is being fussy.
Thanks everyone for all the comments on the last post. You were very helpful! I found out (thanks to Ang) that I can export my files from iphoto to my desktop and change the file size (who knew!?) instead of the tedious process I have been doing, or not doing, that included waiting for photoshop to take its time opening, then opening the file, then resizing, blah blah. This is so much easier, duh! So, if I keep my file size small, I should be ok, since picassa is giving that space for free.
Gerry is building a website and he bought the software, so when he finishes, I might dive in and see what I can come up with. It looks like pretty user friendly software. But for now, I think I'm ok, just gotta delete all of those black boxes!

Monday, April 16, 2012



  1. Perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation: "Tracey is in a quandary".
  2. A difficult situation; a practical dilemma.

I never use this word, but it came to mind last night as I thought about this blog post. I have a major pain in the ass dilemma with my blog. Picasa has reached capacity and they now want me to pay for more storage, No.... I am not going to pay Picasa to store my images. So, I have spent hours going through my picasa albums, deleting duplicate images and not so great images to make some more space. That, of course, opened another can of worms on my blog, leaving me with that black box and exclamation point on many of my posts. First I had tried deleting these images from my blog which did not delete them from picasa, so that was a waste of time, and this whole process is taking way more time than I am willing to invest. So, this has me thinking, do I need to start a new blog? I shudder at the thought of this. But I am also thinking that maybe I would like a new blog, a fresh start, something different, and I would like to put a shop on my blog. I'm just starting to think about this, but I am mostly annoyed with this photo thing right now. It's all my fault. Gerry kept telling me to change my file size to 72dpi, but I am lazy and didn't bother, so now I have way more to deal with than I want to. Some times it does pay to listen to Mr. photo, I just have that stubborn blood of my mom, grrrr....
And there is second quandry too. My very great friend and mentor Barbara, wants me to do a ^6 redux firing with her in May. I want to do this... mostly, she has beautiful shinos that did great in our first effort and I like firing with her, I love her kiln and I love shinos.  But, it has my mind split into two personalities which doesn't suit me well. I am in a groove with the house thing and have two shows and several galleries to get work made for. I like my terra sig, we know each other well and we are happy together. I have no idea what I want to make for this ^6 redux, do I get back on the wheel and make bowls, do I try some houses with shinos...maybe... do I hand build some bottles, do I throw some vases. I have no dang idea what I want to do, there is no inspiration there, and I have to get something made soon. My hope is to take one day and just get some things made, and I have the days, just don't know what to make.....

And there is yet a third quandry! I got an email from Lark and Key that the show I am in for June will be called Storytellers. I LOVE this! But now I want to make some new pieces to go with this title, which requires some exploration of new shapes and ideas, and I have that ^6 to think about.....

So, I am in a quandry this week. What I have decided to do is to roll out some slabs and just see where it takes me. I also got an email from a good blogger friend that she has some treasure for me! Oh boy!! Maybe that will be just the inspiration I need. And of course when all of you creative and wonderful people read this you are going to leave me all sorts of ideas and suggestions, now aren't you!?!?!?!

1. what to do about Picasa
2. should I start a new blog
3. what do I make for a ^6 shino that will relate to my houses
4. what sorts of stories do I want to tell with my houses

these are my posers for the week :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Southern Girl

 I am back from a few days with my mom and her new husband, they fed me good food and I got to relax at their new house all weekend, doing absolutely nothing.
There are just some things I love about being a southern girl. One of those things is the marvel of a southern mom.  If you are from the south and around my age, and if you are lucky enough to still have your mom, there is a good chance she still gets her hair "fixed". My mom cracks me up. She turned 81 on Friday, and Friday is the day she gets her hair fixed and it has been the day since we moved to the beach in 1960. She gets up every morning, dresses up like she is going to church, puts on her jewelry and her makeup and her shoes. Clearly, I do not take after her.
Oh lord, her shoes! Check out these new shoes she got for her birthday... She has fallen quite a few times in the past in high heels, she has broken both her ankles, torn ligaments in her legs, but she refuses to wear "old lady shoes". So here is what she had on when I got there on Friday, haha! She has had polished toes and an ankle bracelet and new shoes for as long as I can remember.

 Here she is on her birthday with new hubby after a great dinner at the local fishing pier's restaurant, his son in law's parents own the place so we went there for some amazing just caught seafood. Look how cute this 81 year old couple is! Gives me great hope for a long life!! They are so tan and fit and in pretty good health, and they laugh all the time. Recipe for a long life :)
 Another thing I love about the south, fried shrimp basket with fries, YUM!!!
I sat on the screened porch by the pool reading Faulkner all day. We found a little bird's nest in the yard, made of pine straw, so sweet.....that's about all I did....

I miss the beach a lot and will probably never live there again. I miss the Palmetto trees, the red clay tile roofs, ocean breezes, pink skin after a day in the sun, the salty taste of your skin after a walk on the beach,the sand in my bed, spanish moss hanging in the trees, and the smell of the board walks that lead to the beach. I love that gray aged wood and the wind and the live oak trees that have been shaped by the wind....

There are so many things I love about being a southern girl. It was fun to spend a few days at the beach being lazy and having my mom spoil me just a little bit. Back to work on Monday!

 peace ya'll.... from here in the South

Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Birthday and a few other things.....

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today is my mom's 81st birthday. I always loved this photo of her. It was taken before her piano recital.
She grew up in a very poor household, my grandfather worked third shift in a cotton mill in High Point NC and raised four children in a tiny mill house on a tiny wage. I always wondered how they were able to afford this dress for her, it seemed so fancy for the times and their wallet. She is still so strong and vital and having the time of her life with her new husband. I am very happy for her, that she is still having a great life and shows no signs of slowing down. Go mom!
I'm going down to the beach today to visit her, so I will be away from the blog for a few days. It was great to see everyone at the gallery last night, it was a fun time. Maybe not the greatest timing since the Full Frame Film Festival was going on just down the street, but there were some interesting folks there just the same and I had a really good time with my pals Susan, Barbara, Laura and Bob.  You might remember the article about my studio that ran in the News and Observer back in December? The writer, Diane Daniel, saw my blog post yesterday and came over to meet me in person. It was so great to finally meet her, since we have only spoken to one another on the phone. She is such a wonderful writer and an equally warm and friendly woman in person. Another plus for having a blog! Thanks for coming by to say hello, Diane!!! It was so good to talk with you!

Oh yeah, back to Full Frame. We saw an amazing film titled Eating Alabama. Go here now to watch the trailer. It is a fantastic film and a must see if you can find it and if you are at all interested in what our screwed up government  and the EVIL MONSANTO are doing to our farmers. It really made me think about the food I am eating, where it's coming from and how we are going to be feeding ourselves in the future. I just don't know about this genetically altered seed we are putting in our bodies. Is it going to genetically alter us, or has it already?!
Also, a reminder that they are still talking about FRACKING NC. Seems our governor has had a change of heart and now thinks it's quite alright to blow up the Earth's core.   Scott Garrett had a great post about this yesterday, looks like England is next. There was also a report online yesterday that scientists have no doubt that the recent earthquakes here are being caused by the fracking. Somebody better figure out how to live on the moon because this planet isn't going to survive the abuse of the stupid human race!!!
We need to stand up and say we want better food and better care for this place we live or it isn't going to be worth a damn to live here!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Outsiders Art and Collectibles

Laura and I will be at the Outsiders art gallery tonight with some new pieces, come on by and see us. There will be food and alcohol and best of all, some really great art!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Didn't I already do this?! and Outsiders Art Gallery

 Here are some beautiful feathers I just got, thank you Anna. I know I posted a while back about some raptor feathers I found and being completely ignorant of most laws we have in this country, I didn't know until a very nice blogger emailed to warn me that it was illegal to possess them, so out they went. Another very nice blogger emailed me today to say that I probably shouldn't be using these either. I looked it up on google, and yep, there it is, you can't use migratory feathers or song bird feathers in art either, so I guess these have to go as well. Look how pretty they are.....  how are we supposed to know these laws? Nobody ever tells me anything, except bloggers!
 In other fun news, my friend Laura Farrow and I took some pieces to the Outsiders Art & Collectibles Gallery in Durham last week. Pam Gutlon is the owner and a super nice person. We just happened in there one day, got to talking and next thing we knew she was asking both of us to bring some work in. So, we did! There is a reception and opening for Gabriel Shaffer there this Thursday night, if you are out and about in Durham Thursday night stop by. The show is called 
The Cut Up Method. We should be there around 6:30. We are going to see one of the documentaries at the Full Frame Film Festival first and then over to the gallery to sell some work!
The gallery is really nice and there is some great outsider art there. I read a definition of outsider art at the Nasher museum, where they have an amazing collection, and who knew (again) I fit the description of an outsider artist, except for the mental patient part mentioned on wikipedia, and even that could apply on some days :)
So come on by, check it out, buy something! or just say hello.....
check out Laura's very wonderful cups on her blog today

Monday, April 9, 2012

Inspire Me


Yesterday I was complaining to Wesley that I just wasn't feeling inspired, and worried that I might even be getting tired of clay. Of course she reminded me that I had been making a bunch of houses the past few weeks, and might just need to take a break from it. Then we passed this barn that I had photographed before and I thought, hey a barn with a ladder, yeah! Inspired!

Then I got this amazing wool in the mail today from Anna Branner along with an envelope full of the most beautiful bird feathers she had picked up.

Last week I mentioned the group show I have coming up at Lark and Key and how I would like to somehow work in the same sort of themes the other artists use in their paintings, and Anna offered me some wool. Perfect, what if I made a little nest of wool and put some little clay eggs in it?!
By the way, Anna has a very cute barn featured on her blog right now :)  I think I might owe her one with some wool :)

And what if I used one of the feathers she sent, and maybe make the roof cobalt blue to match the feather, and what if I did a cone 6 reduction glaze on some of them, or raku fired them....

Now, I am bursting with new ideas. Thank you, thank you Anna for the wool and the feathers, they have set me off on a fun new adventure!!!!!

Last week my friend Susan gave me this glass door knob she found in the woods! What if I added it to a roof and then added the little girl? I would have to call this piece Susan, since she gave me the door knob and also because she left a post on a previous blog about this little doll and how she had a dream she was in the grocery with just a shirt on, haha! More inspired!

So I am back to liking clay again and can't get pieces made fast enough for the ideas I have. I think that is part of the problem. I still have all of these frozen charlotte dolls and the iron finials from Cindy Shake to work with, but my mind keeps moving on to new things, it's just that physically I can't keep up and I have all these things to get made before I can make room for the new ideas. I don't know how to stay ahead of this and it makes me quite antsy.

How in the world would I ever get anything made if not for all of you friends out there! I have been gifted with so many great things that inspire me and make me want to keep making more, I have no idea how I can repay all of these wonderful gifts, but I will someday, somehow!!! Thank you to all that send me these wonderful treasures! Why on Earth would anyone have to look at another potter/artist for inspiration when all you have to do is walk outside, or open your eyes to what is around you. And, NO, this is not a personal attack on any one individual, so don't go getting pissy on me, I'm just stating the obvious!!