Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lark and Key, shop early!!

My friends at Lark and Key have added lots of new wonderful things to their Big Cartel Shop along with a free shipping offer. They have a really great selection including a few of my houses.
Go check it out HERE!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween

Two of my favorite things about Halloween. Candy corn and skeletons! This is such a pretty bowl. I fired it in my pal Susan's wood kiln a few years ago. Makes me want to revisit that, hmmmm..........
Hope everyone is safe and sound after the crazy storm we had here on the East Coast. Be careful out there trick or treating!
Gerry is finally home from the Outer Banks. Can I brag for one second? He had the number one downloaded photo of the storm coverage for the Associated Press this week. Go Ger, you're a rock star :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin season

 Wesley has been home because she has some days off from school. She talked me into getting out the Halloween decorationsf. I wasn't going to..... but I love all things pumpkin and she was home unexpectedly, so we drug out the orange and black box of Halloween stuff.
 We used to have the biggest Halloween party when she was younger, it got bigger every year and I spoiled her terribly for anything else going on for Halloween. Last year was the first year we were not together on Halloween since she was born. She had to crew on a set and I had a pity party, missing her. I had planned much of the same this year since Gerry left Saturday for the coast and I had no idea when he would be home, but Wes ended up here and so we have decorated, we went and bought pumpkins from a little old farmer dude, we watched vampire movies and ate carrot cake muffins with pumpkin spice lattes and snuggled under down blankets while the storm brewed out there.
 I have had some of these things since she was a little girl and I love them, love Halloween. I'm so glad she talked me into getting in the spirit of the holiday (so to speak, haha!)
These are our place mats for Halloween, many a spooky meal has been eaten on these things. I am now in the Halloween mood and Sandy has moved on up the coast so we may just be out on Franklin St, in Chapel Hill again this year for the wild and crazy party they have. Thanks Wes, for still wanting a Halloween!!
Meanwhile, Gerry has been off chasing  "Superstorm Sandy" and getting the most play I think I have ever seen. If you have a news start up page on your computer, you probably saw one of his photos. This one just popped up on my screen from National Geographic. Wish I could post his photos here, but I can't so click the link if you are interested :)
Hope all of you in the path of this bizarre storm are safe and sound
peace ya'll

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Couch to 5K


I used to rock climb. I used to run. I used to be really fit. Then about 10 years ago I took a pottery class, and slowly, year by year I got less fit, less active, because I was obsessed with learning everything I could about clay. It's amazing how time consuming clay can be. There is so much to learn, I feel like what I know about pottery right now is like a grain of sand on the beach. There is still so much to learn. Not only have I had to learn about centering clay on the wheel, which took me about three years, until I figured out I should have the wheel going the other way because I am left handed and learn everything backwards. I learned glaze chemistry, explored the many ways to fire, including ^10 reduction, wood firing, low fire, electric fire. I learned to slab build, raku fire, mix terra sigilata, slip, use stains. Sooo much, this only scratches the surface. I have spent countless hours online looking for problem solving articles and glaze recipes and reading and learning about other potters, the history of pottery, reading books and Ceramics Monthly magazines.... some people go to school and get a four year education in all of this, I taught myself and it has been a long road. The latest learning has been about marketing my work, and selling it and dealing with galleries and collectors and all that this includes. It's not easy, interesting but definitely not easy. 
And the thing that has suffered most is my body! It has been neglected, I now have tendinitis in my shoulder, achy fingers most days and I'm dirty most of the time. But I am also painfully out of shape. Which gets me to the point of this post.
Wesley has joined a group at school called Couch to 5K, There is a good website that describes the program. I looked it up and thought, "hey, this is something I can actually do." It takes 20 minutes to get started, easy enough, and you work up to longer distance running slowly enough to not be in pain and get unmotivated. So, I started last Sunday and today, I moved up to the next level. Run 90 seconds, walk 90 seconds, etc., warm up 5 minutes, cool down 5 minutes. Totally able to do this! Wesley is home from school this weekend so we went out together this morning. Her legs are so long, her stride is like a thoroughbred and mine is like a pony next to her, ha! But it was fun and she stayed with me although she is now at the running for 8 minutes level. Yesterday we went for a hike, so every day since last Sunday I have been physically active and I'm sort of pissed at clay for keeping me so non active for so long. And clay is exactly why I haven't done anything else, it is an obsessive material and I'm thinking we might need a minor separation for a little while soon. Or either, I need to do something new with it. I'm getting to a place where I am just trying to make enough work to sell, and trying to figure out what people these days can afford and what do people want, and I am not enjoying this so much. I don't want to get tired of clay, but I need to approach it in a different way for awhile, I think. I need to be working every day making enough for the upcoming holidays, but instead I am paying attention to my body and my family and those needs. It's like dealing with a beam scale, I'm trying to find the balance right now. I'm sure there is one, just got to make it happen!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Drink the Kool Aid

All right ladies, enough swooning over my man, haha! Thanks from Gerry for all the birthday wishes.
Now here's a little pottery eye candy for you. I got Gerry this red pill cup for his birthday, from Adam Posnak in the Politically Charged show at Cedar Creek. This is a perfect cup for Ger since I have to listen to his rants about the drug companies most every day. On the other side it has the kool aid art, really a great cup for a morning coffee

Happy Birthday

This photo was taken in 1978, I think, just a couple of years before we met. WOW! Don't you know this boy drove all hight school girls crazy!
You look even better at 53, Ger !!
Happy Birthday, we love you,
Wes and Tracey

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Small and Affordable..... ain't nobody got time for that

 I had a friend call from a nearby gallery asking me for some work. I also had a lovely gallery email to say very nice things about me and ask for some "small and affordable" work. sigh...... dreaded words of a craftsman. Isn't small and affordable craft an oxymoron?
These barns are small, they can be affordable if I choose to make them that way, but, shit, man, they take a lot of time, and "affordable" is a relative term. Affordable for whom? not me, that's for sure. If I price these at what everyday shoppers are willing to pay, I will make very little. But apparently I need to add a small and affordable item to my inventory. I went over to Raleigh and picked up my work from The Collectors Gallery. Closing their doors, yes they are. Too bad, I had such hopes for success with them, and they were such nice people.....  folks need "affordable" art these days.

Back to the galleries asking for work.... Well, I don't have a lot of work to offer. I have been off playing with these two. Wouldn't you? I mean, look at them! I'm getting nothing done again this week. Monday, we went climbing/hiking together. Tuesday I ran, made a video of us climbing and hiking together and crashed on the sofa for the rest of the day with this miserable cold I can't get rid of, and then went to my weaving class, feeling like crap. I clearly did too much and I paid for it. Today, feeling a bit better, but Gerry and I went for a hike in the woods near our house on some new trails we found, then I went shopping to get his birthday present. I can't tell you where I went, but it took awhile. So, tomorrow I might get a full day in the studio, and then Friday is Gerry's birthday and Wesley is coming home. So one day of studio time is getting me nowhere. Next week I have to put my foot down and ignore these two adorable family members if I plan to have anything for the upcoming shows. Or not.... I'll just have what I have, sell out and make the best of it. It's good that Gerry has a wonderful job and takes very good care of his family. I would like to contribute more to our bank account, I really would, but I seem to be busy taking care of these two so they can be a success at what they do. That's fine, but my work output is really taking a backseat to family time these days.
Weaving news: I finally got my loom all set up and I started weaving last night. I am hooked, I am on the weaver path, I do believe. I want a loom, I want to sit at it all day and pass yarn through the shed and count my pattern.....
3, 2 and 4, 6   3, 2 and 4, 6.... bliss. Counting and pattern and yarn and color and order and balance, weaving is definitely for a Libra mind!
For those of you that know about the weaving stuff, I am making a huck lace sampler scarf in an indigo blue and I got about 18 inches done last night and the fringe. It is beautiful and I can't wait to finish it!
It's going to be interesting to see where clay and fiber meet in the coming months...... if I can get some time for either one of them!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Walk in the Woods

Yesterday Gerry and I picked up Wesley at school and drove up to Pilot Mountain for a perfect fall day walk in the woods. We are so lucky that Wesley is only an hour and a half away, that she lives near the mountains and that she likes spending time with us. If we call her and say we are coming that way, she is always ready to go with us. She only has classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays because the film students need a lot of time outside of the classroom to make films, so she can get away for a few hours on Mondays and Fridays which are often the days Gerry has off. 
I have decided to disconnect more from the computer and get outside more. I feel better with physical activity and computer time is not doing much for my physical well being. I started run/walking every morning and yesterday we went on quite a trek to some new boulders Gerry found at Pilot. So you won't see me liking and friending folks on Facebook, Tumblr got boring for me pretty quickly,so I'm not spendig a lot of time there, I don't pin things, and I'm not endlessly surfing around looking at pottery I wish I made anymore. I won't be giving up my blog anytime soon or reading other blogs, but that's it for computer time, except for emails. I'm tired of trying to write artist statements, updating my resume, filling out show applications, looking for shows, blah blah. Way to much computer time!
I have two big shows coming up and I have to get a lot more made for them. My priorities for now are spending time with Gerry and Wesley when we can all be together, getting some exercise, eating well, getting a bunch of work made for the holiday selling season, seeing my friends and family when we all have time and enjoying life. 
That's about all I have time for and that's plenty! Here's a quick video of our day in the woods. We are having some incredible weather right now. Life is so good :)
peace ya'll

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tinariwen again

Wesley came home for a quick visit yesterday so we could go see Tinarewin again. We had a Saturday of good food, good music and time with good friends. Nothing is better than this! If you ever have a chance to go see this band, DO NOT miss it!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012


North Carolina opened early voting this week. I went to my local precinct this morning and I was in and out in less than five minutes! In 1992 I was pregnant with Wesley and I stood in line for four hours to vote for Bill Clinton. Thank God George Bush didn't win, I would have been a very upset pregnant woman! I highly recommend the early voting over the long lines on election day, unless you are just into standing in line with a bunch of people and listening to all the gossip. It can be pretty entertaining. The year Al Gore won but lost, Gerry and I stood in line at the library in downtown Charlotte for hours. There was lots of drama going on, really funny. That was the first and last time Gerry voted, he and Wesley are quite apathetic, I say my peace then let them be. I remember when I turned 18, I couldn't wait to register to vote, and when I got my voter registration card I was so excited. I campaigned so hard that first election and have voted in every election since. I'm sad that my family doesn't feel the same, but I understand and leave them alone about it. Too bad, I was so excited today when I filled in the bubble, dare I say it, for OBAMA! and if you need to slap me, that's ok, but I went rogue and voted republican for Governor. That was my only republican vote, but I gotta say, the democrat choice wasn't so great in my opinion. Gerry has been covering both candidates and has put together great photo packages on both Pat McCrory and Walter Dalton, but he won't say anything about them. That's an unbiased journalist for you! I couldn't get any dirt from him on either man to help with my decision. So I went with what I saw from the debates and poor 'ol Walter Dalton just didn't cut it, too bad......
So, now that you know how I voted I will just go out on the limb here and say that Mitt Romney reminds me of all the corporate white males I worked for in the first twenty years of my working career and he just turns my stomach a little every time I watch him speak. It brings back the days of all those rich assholes that spoke to me in such a condescending way and checked out my ass as I walked away.
He is just too slick and I know his kind well, worked for many many just like him. Ick! I just don't get how people are buying into his complete and utter bullshit. Sorry if you are a fan of his, obviously, I'm not!
Whatever, GO VOTE, it's fun!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Doors and Drawers

 I forgot to post this photo that my friend Barbara shot when we were in Seagrove. check out the Pottery sign. There was no pottery inside, but I do remember when there was a whole shop in the back, it was weird. Guess they pulled out.... I always stop here to pee, haha!
 I met my good friend and past pottery teacher Deb Harris last week for lunch and she brought show and tell. A while back she took a workshop at Penland with Lana Wilson and they made boxes. Deb, being the constant teacher that she is, thought I might like to see the technique so she brought along a couple of the boxes she made. I definitely see some potential for using this technique but it might take me a couple of tries to get it right.
 I made this box, as per Deb's instruction put a rib down the middle inside to give the drawer a track to slide on. The drawer front is larger than the hole I cut so it overlaps the hole, making it a cleaner look.
 I put a lip on the back of the drawer to act as a drawer stop so it doesn't pull out all the way.
The pins you see on the left are high fire and Deb brought them for me to use as hinges for the door construction.
 This is sort of the finished box. The drawer pull is a gear I found in a box of odd screws and gear parts. It's pretty cool, took me forever, but I think once I get the bugs worked out, it will go faster. I like the idea of having drawers to pull out with a surprise inside.... we'll see how patient I am with this process. Who knows where it might lead though....
 Here is a house with a door, although it's a bit wonky, still need to work on this a bit too. The pins slide in the bar above and below the door and into the door and it swings! I think the framing needs a little work though. I was more concerned with getting it to swing right, but how fun to have a swinging door! And I made a little niche behind the door so something could be tucked inside. Lots of possibilities.....
This wasn't the greatest how to, I didn't think about taking photos until I was halfway through the process, sorry!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Set a good example

I know I am preaching to the choir here, but I had to tell you guys this story. If nothing else you will feel good about your parenting. As far as I can tell, most of the people reading my blog that have children, have amazing and beautiful children and I feel so good about the generation to come. I have seen photos and read your stories and I know that you are all doing a fantastic job as parents.
Well, today I saw a pitiful example of parenting. I went to Trader Joe's this morning to pick up some groceries. As usual it was packed and hard to get around in. Many of the shoppers in this store are from Chapel Hill, upper middle class and very much concerned with themselves. There was a woman shopping today with her little girl. The mom was on her cell phone and pushing her cart around aimlessly, (as were most of the people that were shopping, grrr.... ) and her little girl had her own tiny shopping cart (these are cute but obnoxious if you are no longer a parent of a small child).  The little girl was on her "cell phone" too and chatting away just like mom. The thing is her pretend cell phone was a pork tenderloin. (did you burst out laughing just now? I did). It was absurd and disturbing. As I continued down the aisles people were talking about them, and not in a nice way. I went to the back of the store where they were giving out pumpkin cake samples, yum! and the employees were talking about it, and how disturbing it was. It sort of made me sad. This poor little girl was just doing what she saw her mom doing and wanted to be like her, she didn't know that it was really a sad thing for a lot of us to see.
Our kids watch us and learn from us. Teach your children well. I watch every day as Wesley becomes this amazing young woman, and that child never walked around in a grocery store with a tiny cart talking to a pork tenderloin!
isn't she pretty :)? I love this child!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


 Some of my barns went out into the world this past month and I have received some photos of them in their new homes. It's so fun when people send me pictures of my pieces, since I miss them so much when I send them to their new homes.
This first one is living in the mountains of NC now. I sent it to one of my favorite artists, Nina Bagley. I met Nina through her blog Ornamental, check it out if you haven't seen her amazing jewelry. It looks happy in it's new surroundings doesn't it?
The second photo I received was of Alison with the two pieces that she commissioned. Remember the pocket watch and the cello player? Well here they are and look at the painting!! How absolutely perfect!
And then just a bit ago, my virtual friend Yolande posted a photo of a piece she bought from me on her blog Burnt Normal. Again, a great blog and an even better artist. I couldn't bring the photo over to my blog because it was too small but you can check it out here on her blog. So that little piece is now living in Canada with an amazing potter. Happy homes for my work, YAY!

I am so grateful every time someone buys a piece of my work. I spend so much time with these little barns and we get attached and then off they go. And when they go off to artists that I admire, it freaks me out just a little. It's one thing to sell to the general public, that's hard enough. but artists know....
you know?  So, this has really given me pause. Nothing goes out of my studio anymore that I have just "settled" for. I had three pieces that I fucked with forever, trying to convince myself they "would do". I just couldn't convince myself, so I smashed them last week, even though there was a lot of time involved making them. They just weren't good enough. If you are trying to convince yourself a piece is ok, then it isn't. My standards for what is acceptable to sell have gone way up and my work has to pass the "I'm mailing this to an artist I admire" test now. It's a good way to measure what you think is good enough. I look at it and think, if I got this in the mail, would I be excited, would my heart go pitter patter, or would I say, oh this was a mistake....
I think you should be proud of what you have made, proud that someone wants to own it, and when you send it to them, let them know this purchase meant something to you. Send a handwritten note, wrap it nicely if you can, go the extra mile to make the purchase a great experience. Packaging can be less than attractive and that's ok. When I ordered the buddha sculpture from Yolande it arrived on my doorstep in a Huggies diaper box. This made me smile, because Yolande has three small children, of course she is using diaper boxes. I also like getting newspaper wrapped things, you can read what's going on in another town. The point is, if someone takes the time to buy your art then they should feel special when they open the package. I bought a bar of handmade soap yesterday at Whynot Pottery and the craftsperson I bought it from had taken the time to order unbleached wax bags online to use as a shopping bag. I love that. It's those little extra touches that bring people back to buy from you because they had a better experience than they would have at the mall. This is a good time of year to make sure we let our customers know how much we appreciate them and take a little extra care with their purchases. Thanks to all of you for the photos. I LOVE it!!!! xoxoxo

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Whynot Pottery Celebrates 30 Years

 The only thing I have managed to do for thirty years straight is stay with the same man. Mark and Meredith Heywood have managed to stay with each other and stay with a pottery business for thirty years, through good and bad, family issues, raising kids, and the economic whims of this country and through it all they have stayed true to their craft and true to each other. I think that calls for a celebration!!
 So I went down to Whynot today to raise a glass to a kick ass couple that also happens to make kick ass pottery. I brought my own beer mug because I heard there was beer from 2-5, and as luck would have it, I pulled into the driveway at the pottery at 2pm. My good friend and mentor Barbara McKenzie came with me and we had a great time. You could not special order a more beautiful day than today. We stopped on the way at Allen and Sons for some good NC barbeque and then headed on down to Seagrove.

The shop is full of beautiful well priced pottery, lots of great items for holiday gift giving, so what are you waiting for, get on down there!

 Lots of easy parking, and just what you want to see on a special sale day, lots of cars in that parking lot.

 Four Saints was there with their brews, and as you might have read here on my blog, I know a bit about beer and this is some very good beer. Also very nice folks, I am hoping they have great success with their brewery.

I picked up the cruet I have been wanting and Meredith gave me a tiny vase to match my mug. Awww, isn't it cute?! I always have an ugly bottle of olive oil sitting on my counter or on the dining room table since we eat olive oil on everything. Finally I have a pretty cruet to set on the table and leave out on the counter and it will make me smile every time I use it. I will think about my friends that have been able to make pots and stay together and have a great working and personal relationship all at the same time. I think they should get some kind of prize don't you!?
Mark and Meredith will be celebrating through the weekend, and the weather is looking great so head on down and say hello!

Friday, October 12, 2012

One of my very own

 I have been accumulating all sorts of treasures to put in little niches with my barns and working on commissions for family heirlooms and memories this past year. I have lots of my own little treasures but I don't seem to have the time to make a piece for myself. Gerry and I went to Charlotte Wednesday to help his parents out with some medical issues. Gerry is one of four children and his mom has made a box for each kid filled with memorabilia, like report cards, photos, letters, etc. We got Gerry's box out and went through it and I found this little cat in a bag with the following note:
"When Gerry was small he would give me this cat every year for Christmas." I just laughed out loud to think about Gerry as a little boy wrapping this cat up every year for his mom. So, I brought the cat home thinking that I would make a piece for her and give it to her for Christmas with the cat and the note inside.
 I have one barn that I kept for myself with the little hawaiian girl that Meredith gave me. I put the little cat inside to see how she looked and I love her there. So, now I am thinking that maybe I will keep this barn and use it to put my own little things in, changing them out from time to time. Maybe I will keep the cat after all. Or maybe I will wrap her up and give her to Gerry for Christmas, haha!
Shhhh, don't tell him :)
This has me thinking, maybe instead of finding things to put in these barns I should make some with empty spaces so people can put whatever they want to in them. I had lunch with my good friend, mentor, teacher Deborah Harris yesterday and being the always amazing teacher she brought some show and tell pieces for me. She took a workshop with Lana Wilson at Penland some time ago and they made boxes with drawers and doors. Deb thought that I might be interested in this technique so she brought two pieces she made in the workshop to show me and brought me some high fire pins that I can use for door hinges.  So I think I will make some barns with doors and drawers and people can  add their own family heirlooms and treasures. I can't wait to try out some new ideas I have!!
Heading down to Seagrove tomorrow to the Whynot Pottery celebration, hope to see some of you there!!!! Have a wonderful weekend, the weather looks like its going to be a great one!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Supah Stah

 I read a blog the other day that referred to Raku as the black velvet of ceramics. While this is sort of true, I happen to have a tacky side that likes black velvet painting, especially black velvet Elvis. I do have a degree in interior design and I do know what good taste is, but I also lean towards tacky from time to time. And I love raku. I love the experience of it, the instant gratification, the unknown, the risk, it's fun. And I love the results of my last firing. I did a quick batch of stars the other day, and all of them came out fantastic. For the first time I didn't break any, although I continue to make them thinner and thinner, they survived and they are really pretty. They are a mother to photograph though.
 They won't last long, no matter how many I make, they sell quickly around this time of year. Raku might be the black velvet of ceramics but there are plenty of people out there that are attracted to a shiny penny. Thank goodness we all have different tastes! No these aren't the wood fired and shino surfaces I love from other potters, but they are still very pretty and appropriate for the sparkly holiday season.
Check out the three here on top. Same glaze, same firing, reduced in the same can, but all totally different. I have never had this glaze turn such a cobalt blue as the top right one. It's the only one that came out that way, and its so nice. I will never be able to duplicate this color, but that's what I love about Raku, if you have no expectations, you can't be disappointed as easily :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Shameless self promotion

I got this postcard in the mail on Saturday, that was fun. I thought I sent in new photos, but maybe not. I don't even make these anymore..... but it was nice to see them again. The pot in the center is by Gary Childs. When I showed this card to Wesley, she reminded me that we used to see Gary's work when we first moved here and would say how amazing it was and now look, my work is on a postcard right next to him. Thanks to whomever made this call, I appreciate it!
and then my friend Candace posted this on my blog last night. I have no idea how this happened or who is running this release but yay! Thanks whoever did this!!! and thanks Candace for bringing this to my attention :)  A little press is always a good thing. I wish I could afford to hire a press agent, it's amazing how much an article about you can help your business. It's like people don't believe you are real until someone writes about you and says so......
check it out:

Fine Designer Crafts Show to Feature Local Artist’s Clay Pieces
Chapel Hill-Based Artist to Display Work at Annual Crafts Show Hosted by the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild Nov. 23-25
Raleigh, NC, October 07, 2012 --( The Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild ( has announced that Tracey Broome, an individual craftsperson from Chapel Hill, N.C., will be featured at the 43rd Annual Fine Designer Crafts Show at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raleigh from Friday, Nov. 23 through Sunday, Nov. 25. Broome, who participated in the 2011 show, will display clay structures of barns and houses.

Beginning her career in craftsmanship as a set designer for the High Point Furniture Market and later the Charlotte Repertory Theatre, Broome began taking pottery classes in 2003. She became a professional artist in 2007 after moving to Chapel Hill. Broome prides herself on creating pieces that recreate events and celebrate past experiences and memories. Her work, which she describes as quiet and contemplative, incorporates vintage objects and architectural features, as well as personal family treasures. Broome’s vision as an artist is to create objects that clearly speak to and resonate with the viewer.

Broome won second place for the best artist at FestiFall in Chapel Hill and third place at the N.C. Landscape Show at the Visual Arts Exchange (VAE) and the VAE award in 2012. She has been invited to participate in numerous shows such as American Craft Today at The Bascom and Storytellers at Lark and Key.

“We are honored to have Tracey participate in the Fine Designer Crafts Show again this year,” said Elizabeth Lyne, president of the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild. “Tracey’s beautifully sculpted clay pieces attract many visitors because of their unique ability to recreate emotional experiences and commemorate memories.”

New Media Content:
Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild on Facebook:

About Carolina Designer Craftsmen:
The Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild, based in Raleigh, N.C., provides a lucrative marketplace for the finest traditional and contemporary crafts in the Southeast. The Guild recognizes and promotes fine crafts, including original and handmade clay, fiber, glass, jewelry, metal, basketry, wood, works on paper and mixed media products. Its annual Fine Craft and Design Show, traditionally held on Thanksgiving weekend, provides a premier regional showcase for exhibiting members to display their work and for art enthusiasts of every taste and budget to shop. Since 1970, the Guild has supported and perpetuated the professional pursuit of design and craftsmanship, encouraged opportunities for artistic growth and promoted education in and appreciation of the art of fine craft. For more information, visit the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild website at

Jake Potter
MMI Public Relations
(919) 233-6600

Sunday, October 7, 2012

I would rather make soup and serve it in these nice bowls!

Before I tell you about today, let me mention the beautiful new bowl I bought at Cedar Creek Friday night. Barbara McKenzie, do you recognize this, haha! Barbara makes beautiful bowls and this one was calling my name. I have two bowls from Hollis Engley that match it. When the three of us are home together, two of us get the Hollis bowls and there is always a random bowl that doesn't match. That's ok, because it is usually one of Brandon Phillip's bowls that I use every day, but still, they look odd together. So now when I use the bowls from Hollis, this one will look so great with them. Now let me tell you about today......  I packed my car up yesterday and watched weather underground all day for hourly updates on the rain and cold that were predicted for Sunday, the day of Festifall, of course. Saturday was beautiful, 83 degrees, not a cloud in the sky. Sunday, rain, cold, 50 degrees. great! I was hoping for the best so I got my ass up out of bed at 7am this morning, drove over to Chapel Hill, it wasn't raining, that was good. Got in the vendor line and waited for the gates to open. Well, the gates opened, just the wrong ones! First it thundered, then lightening, then the rain started pouring down. Gerry texted me to say that it was just a band of showers moving through and it would pass. I sat there for a few minutes and then said to myself, "Screw this". It's just not worth it. I'm not into setting up a tent in the rain, and even if the rain stops it's still wet everywhere, I would be soaked and it was cold. Cold and damp I don't do anymore! Plenty of wet camping trips sealed that deal for me.
I had left Gerry and Wesley home in bed. Gerry had a late game to shoot last night and his back is injured so there was no reason for both of them to come out in the misery with me. I sat there thinking about them at home all warm and snug and then I pulled out of line, turned my car around and went home! Of course five minutes after I got home the rain stopped, but I don't care!
 I am sitting here in my warm house, with my lovely family, Wesley home from school, Gerry off today. Wesley and I are making a pot of Peruvian Quinoa Stew from the Moosewood Cookbook, some cornbread to go along with it and we may just sit here all day and watch movies. I'm pretty sure this is my last outdoor show. I have been reading blogs all year from people that got rained out at outdoor shows or had poor attendance or just had a booth set up at a dumb ass convention when they thought they were doing an art festival. I'm done with it. I have no patience for the fools that think I'm selling a birdhouse for twelve dollars and fifty cents, and I have to tell them that no, it is not a birdhouse and it is one hundred and fifty dollars, and then listen to them laugh as they move on to the air brush custom painted toilet seat covers. Sorry, I have paid my dues. I am going to have to find other venues to sell my work, or not sell it at all. I would rather make a pot of soup with my beautiful child!
 Good news is that I have plenty of inventory for my upcoming indoor shows, so I won't have to push as hard as I was expecting. Who knows, maybe later we will hop in the car that isn't packed with a show booth and go see what's happening at Festifall!
Happy day ya'll

Friday, October 5, 2012

Politically Charged

 The Cedar Creek Gallery fall festival kicked off tonight with the opening of Politically Charged. There were some really great pieces in the show, and I am honored to be among the artists invited. There are some very talented people in this show. My favorite red, white and blue was dominant so of course I was loving it.
Here are my three barns in the very great company of Jennifer Mecca's butter dishes.
 These cups were my favorite thing in the show. The one on the right says take the red pill and then on the other side it says drink the koolaid. Very well crafted mugs by Adam Posnak, loved them.
 These "sheeple" were really great by Jennifer Stas
 Gillian Parke
 Amy H., I shot this one for you, it was great

 Love this Obama bank
 Justin Rothshank
Erik Haagensen.... why does Mitt Romney even exist as a candidate?

I shot lots of other photos and those of you that don's see your work here, I apologize, somehow the setting on my camera got switched and everything was really yellow and ugly. This photo was kinda interesting, I thought it was going to be a really cool silhouette but I got this.
Thanks to by good pals Laura and Susan for going with me. We had a great dinner before we drove out to Creedmoor, we did some pottery shopping and looking and eating this chocolate thing that made our eyes roll back in our heads it was so amazing. A great evening as usual. I always know I will have fun when these two come along with me!!! Very blessed to have such great friends, xoxo you two!