Thursday, September 25, 2014

Where my egg go?

 Finally! We have been waiting for days for these girls to lay an egg. I was hoping for my birthday, but not too far off. My sweet girl Etta laid her first egg today! I have never heard such carrying on, all three of them. Dora and Sybil were on their perch cheering Etta on as she paced around, in and out of the coop, made a nice little place in the straw, moaned and groaned like she was in labor, back out of the coop, back in the coop.... this went on for most of the morning. The poor chicken was freaking out, and so were the other two. It was like she was screaming, "something's coming out of my ass, and I don't know what it issssss" !!!!!!!!

Right before noon, it got very quiet down there, and Gerry went to investigate. Etta was sitting on her egg, Gerry gently scooped it out from under her and she was ok with it all. He brought it in the house, still warm, sweet little egg.....

I struggled for a minute about whether I was going to actually be able to eat it..... but, hell yeah, that's what we got them for!

I held her for a bit and thanked her for the egg, she settled down and seemed to be over the trauma.

The shell was nice and hard, not too hard, but not thin and rubbery like I have been reading. I have read that the pullet eggs would be misshapen, rubbery, thin..... not my girls. They are eating the best organic non GMO food on the market, it's expensive, but that egg they produce is going in my body, I want it to be healthy! I give them dark leafy greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, whatever we eat, they eat. I think the good care paid off. This was a fine egg.

It was small, but made a nice sandwich that Gerry and I split for a morning snack. I grilled a sesame bun with butter, tatsoi, tomato from our garden and some monterrey jack cheese, then topped it with Etta's egg.

I'm sure this is nothing new for those of you with chickens (you are probably laughing at me by now, haha), but this has been the most fun animal raising I have had in a long long time!

Thanks Etta


Dennis Allen said...

Little does she know , it all starts again tomorrow.

oldgreymareprimitives said...

you made me smile...and yep Dennis is correct..popping them babies out will become routine

Michèle Hastings said...

Hurray! I know what you mean about not being sure is you could eat it.
I raised meat hens for a couple years and at first I thought I wouldn't be able to eat them. We had someone else slaughter them (when I wasn't home). I too got over it pretty quickly. The best chicken I ever ate!

Shannon said...

You go, girls!

June Perry said...


Sandy miller said...

LOL! I thought my girls would never start laying and then one day there it was. Butch said, we can't eat those! I looked at him like he was nuts and scrambled it up for dinner. It occurred to me he had no idea that eggs didn't come from the big box store! Such a city kid! Now he complains when I run out, too funny. The city boy is coming around. My girls are now three years old and really slowed down. I have tried not to look at them as …… well you know. I only named one of the girls the others, NOT! Now fall is here and I'm dragging my feet on this next step of the great chicken experiment. My Grandma would be laughing……. but then she survived WW2. Enjoy!!

Lori Buff said...

That is a good, healthy egg. Looks delicious too.

Vicki said...

Etta and the girls will do alright - they live with a great human family :)
Even tho' it was long ago, I miss my Australorp rooster, Eugene and his harem of Wyandotte and Sussex girls.
Such awesome characters aren't they?